Owners Devastated After 3 Horses Shot Utah Pasture

Owners Devastated After 3 Horses Shot Utah Pasture

30 June 2020


Kanosh, Utah (NetPosse)  – The Millard County Sheriff's Office is investigating after three horses were shot in a pasture on Crooked Lane just west of Kanosh sometime between Thursday night and late Friday night. Most of the wounds on the three horses were on the right side at the same level.

It was shocking news when Kamille and her husband Maclayne were notified that their yearling filly, Ally, was injured in the pasture.

The horses’ owner, Kamille Chlarson, says on her Facebook page that Ally’s shoulder was completely shattered and she had to be put down.  A biopsy is being performed to retract the bullet.

Kamille says, “The bullets are too deep to have retracted and we weren’t able to find the exact location because of the density. Her mare and stud, the other two horses with Ally will have to live with the metal inside of them. My stud may never breed again from the damages and displacement of his joint.”

“It’s so sad and I’m heartbroken for my animals. Someone needs to take accountability for their negligence and I am determined to find out who has hurt my babies,” she added. “I am begging you. Our horses are our whole life and part of our family. If you have ANY information whatsoever or hear anything suspicious PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE call me or the sheriff’s department immediately.”

"We have no idea why so many horses are getting attacked across America. We have seen an increase in cases nationwide in the past two years," said Stolen Horse International-NetPosse.com President, Debi Metcalfe. "We have mostly helped owners when their horses are missing over the past two decades.  We have always lent a hand when a victim reached out to our nonprofit organization through our website, www.netposse.com. We have been increasing our work with crime-related attacks on horses more the past year and will continue to do so. Hopefully, we can help this family too."

If you have any information please, call the Milliard County Sheriff’s Office at Phone: (435) 743-5302.  You can reach Kamille at Ufork Horses, (928) 551-5143, or on Facebook by clicking Kamille J. Chlarson Facebook Profile.

Feel free to add comments at the bottom of this page for Kamille and her family. 

Resource: More pictures and https://www.facebook.com/kamille.christensen.5/posts/3114725678562585


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Three horses shot in Kanosh, Utah pasture. 





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