Rash of Horse Theft in North Alabama

Rash of Horse Theft in North Alabama

03 February 2015

Stolen and Missing in 
since August 2014

There is a serious issue in North Alabama of Horse & Mule Theft.

Information is being gathered and turned over to Law Enforcement agencies of those believed to be involved in these cases. Please keep an eye out for these animals in Alabama and surrounding states. They could be sent to auction or might be hidden out while the heat blows over. 

We need the public's help in pinpointing the thieves and turning them in so that they cannot continue to take away these animals that are loved by their families!

Help us bring all of these animals home!  

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Maci Gray & Rebel stolen in Walker County, AL - NetPosse 2459

Maci Gray & Rebel stolen in Walker County, AL - NetPosse 2459

Maci Gray and Rebel - 1-30-2015 - Walker County, AL: 



Coach & Max Missing in Cullman County, AL - NetPosse 2446

Coach & Max Missing in Cullman County, AL - NetPosse 2446







Coach and Max - 1-17-2015 - Cullman County, AL:


Nugget & Raven Missing in Madison County, AL - NetPosse 2348 Nugget & Raven Missing in Madison County, AL - NetPosse 2348







Nugget & Raven (recovered) - 8-17-14 - Madison County, AL:



Blaze (recovered) - 8-9-2014 - Limestone County, AL - NetPosse 2330


Blaze (recovered) - 8-9-2014 - Limestone County, AL:


12 horses/mules - 1-21-2015 - Lawrence County (Not reported to NetPosse):


2 Geldings - 10-17-2014 - Marshall (?) County (Not reported to NetPosse):


Rash of Stolen Horses Worry North AL Horse Owners

21 Horses & Mules Stolen from 7 Counties

Alabama, February 3, 2015:  Since at least August, 2014, reports of horses and mules being stolen out of just seven counties in northern Alabama have been rising at an alarming rate. Stolen Horse International aka NetPosse.com works closely with victims and law enforcement to attempt to recover these animals and return them to their rightful owners. However, it is felt that these may very be just the ‘tip of the iceberg 

Because of these counties central location and proximity to the Tennessee line, SHI feels that it is unlikely that these are the only equines that have been stolen. We are asking that the public be made aware of the activity, be on the lookout for anything suspicious around their own barns and pastures, permanently identify their own horses and mules, and notify law enforcement or netposse.com if you have any information at all about any of these stolen equines.

They could be hidden somewhere or be sent to auction/sale barns. Look on the netposse.com website on reports, and check the NR # for each one. Phone numbers to call are listed. Any assistance will be appreciated. 

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