South Carolina Horse Rescued after Ten Years of Searching!

South Carolina Horse Rescued after Ten Years of Searching!

02 December 2014

Calypso1.jpgFOUND and RESCUED ...
TEN YEARS after she was sold!

From Donna Cowden‎ - December 1, 2014

We listed our horse, Sulky Squaw on NetPosse in 2005(?). We found her yesterday! She has been rescued from a poor environment and is safe with some wonderful people. Just wanted you to know.

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Callie (Sulky Squaw) was posted on OTTB Connect yesterday around noon. The woman who now has her was trying to identify her and through some digging, and looking up her tattoo, found a post by Callie's previous owner and by 3:00 yesterday I got the message she had been found. She is Aiken, SC. Apparently she had foaled recently and was put out in a pasture and was starving. She jumped a fence and went to a neighboring barn and ended up with a very nice young lady who also has quite a few rescues. We are beyond thrilled as you know and can't wait to take a trip to go see her. 

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Hollow Hill Stables was recently asked if we could make room for a mare who had been severely neglected and left starving in a field. The mare had escaped her fence and managed to find refuge with our friend, Melissa, who immediately took her under her care. Melissa vetted the mare, had her shots updated, feet trimmed and teeth done; she also put on approximately 150 pounds in that short amount of time. Due to networking and tattoo identification (the mare is a 1996 OTTB named Sulky Squaw), we found a couple former owners who have been looking for her for 10 years! Callie (as they called her), is a mare they deeply cared for but they had lost track of when she was suddenly sold. Callie retired from steeplechase and became a successful jumper, doing 3' courses, before her story changed in 2005. How she ended up where she was, starving, we aren't sure. But she is safe now - and her former owners can sleep in peace - thanks to a kind heart and a simple gesture of compassion. Thank you, Melissa and Alix! There needs to be more horse people like you in the world. I would also like to add that she is now being called Khaleesi! For her similarities and fighter spirit!


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