PYRO: Lost and Found - Now Lost Again

PYRO: Lost and Found - Now Lost Again

12 March 2014

Lost and Found – Now Lost Again

How utterly heartbreaking is it to find out from hundreds of miles away that your horse has been missing for months? How much worse is it to learn that someone found your horse, actually had hands on him, only to turn him loose, and now no one knows what became of him? This is Christian’s heartbreak over losing Pyro. She is at her wit’s end barely hanging on, but we want to give her hope … and we want to give her Pyro … will you please help us? Here is a brief synopsis of her story …

Today, March, 12, 2014, with great help from NetPosse volunteers and concerned horse lovers, we have found someone who came into contact with Pyro in JUNE, although his owner, Christian, was told he became missing late November / early December. However, another person states Pyro was seen in the Wilmer area in October on Weaver Road.

Here is what we know:

 - several people sighted Pyro in June – Christian was told he was missing in Nov/Dec

 - the condition in which he was seen very well could have been previous neglect from one of his caretakers – not from being on his own

 - he was not easily approached or caught

 - one person caught him (which is the pic posted in Dec 2013 on Facebook) but turned him loose and the other witness was unable to catch him again

 - another person sighted him on Weaver Road in October

Christian shared her story with me as to how this situation came about, as many would question how an owner could not possibly know her horse was missing for almost six months. But worse, when Pyro became missing, he was already significantly underweight.

While I will not disclose all of Christian’s heartache, the loss of Pyro was the unknown and unexpected result of almost a year of struggling to make a life in Wilmer. However, many she counted on let her down, including family, and she had no choice but to return to live in New Orleans and build a life there. Because board was cheaper in Alabama, she made arrangements with a girl I’ll call “Heather” whom she trusted to care for Pyro until she could establish her family and job in Louisiana.

Sadly, she discovered Heather wasn’t completely honest, yet Christian still felt she was trying to help. So when Heather found a friend I’ll call “Karen” to keep Pyro, Christian had no real choice but to accept the offer. In the meantime, she continued to pay for Pyro’s board and care. Then one day Karen called to say Heather wasn’t feeding Pyro as arranged. Christian sent her more money for feed then called a person she considered a friend for many years, “Jennifer.” Jennifer went to get Pyro immediately, and sent Christian pics of how Pyro now looked, which was not good. That brings us to June. When Christian saw how underweight Pyro was, it broke her heart. But now she put her trust in an old friend to get Pyro back up to health. She wouldn’t know for many months that trust was misplaced, and she will probably never understand how her friend could deceive her for months.

Despite many attempts that fall, Christian was unable to reach Jennifer until December, and she had become concerned. Prior to that she spoke to her friend, paid Pyros board, and was promised pictures but only received excuses. It wasn’t until December that she was told that Pyro had been missing for a "couple weeks." Devastated, Christian immediately began searching for him. In March, Christian turned to NetPosse for help, and this is when we stepped in and began circulating his information again.

While Christian is reclaiming her life in Louisiana, she cannot be whole until she finds her beloved horse. Pyro has been with her since he was six months old. She raised and trained him. She needs to bring him home.

What happened to Pyro after he arrived at Jennifer’s in June is anyone’s guess at this point. Was he stolen and dumped or maybe escaped? Did he get loose and Jennifer couldn’t find him or didn’t try? It is POSSIBLE Pyro did return somehow to Jennifer’s after he was seen in June and then he disappeared again in October.

Now we need YOUR help! Please share Pyro’s link, his NetPosse alert, and post his flyer. It is reasonable to believe he is still in the area; either wandering lost or taken in by someone who doesn’t know how to find his real owner.

Has he been taken in by a rescue in Alabama or Florida, who does not realize he has an owner who cares? 


Please visit Pyro's page for the Alerts, more details, and contact info:


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Founder |