Bouvry Exports Calgary Ltd

Bouvry Exports Calgary Ltd

The website is in French.  This is the parent company of the slaughterhouses in both Calgary and Montreal. They are very nice people, but answer the phone in French and you will have to ask for an English speaking person.  ****Important****Do not call up to them to question about a horse on a shipment unless you KNOW for absolutely certain that the horse is ON THE TRUCK. If you do, the ENTIRE load will be rejected and sent back. That causes the hauler to lose thousands of dollars in revenue, he has to pay the customs at the border AGAIN, the plant loses $$$, and it generates all kinds of bad feelings all over the place. Plus-the horses may suffer MORE because of it-the driver cannot take them off the truck until he gets back to wherever he started from. So no food, no water, maybe sick, maybe injured, cold/hot, and really stressed--many will die anyway. Just be very careful.

Map 222 58 Ave SW #312, Calgary Alberta T2H 2S3

Call +1 403-253-0717 Canada +33 (0)1 34 38 50 50 France


Visit - this is the website listed on FB, but the site is not online yet

Contact Info.

PO Box 1341, Shelby, NC 28151

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