Cruise Information 2022

Cruise Information 2022


All Aboard!

The boat's in the water

the sun's rising high...

let's get together

before winter sail's by!


Join Stolen Horse International & Ladies Horse Society's

Winter Summit Cruise

January 30th, 2022

     It's tricky finding the perfect cruise for a group of 10 or 20 people of different ages, abilities and interests. But somehow we did it!

     The first Horse Lovers Summit on the Sea sailed off on January 16th, 2020 close to 50 guest on our maiden voyage. The week was a huge success so we decided to do book another group cruise for horse lovers.

     Once we announced the next summit to our 2020 guests 18 cabins were booked right away. Before we could do the first promotion (outside of the previous group) for the 2021 cruise event COVID hit and the world changed. We postponed the 2021 cruise to the same time in 2022.        Now that the ships are scheduled to go out we are picking up where we left off. We have limited time to promote the cruise before the demand outweighs the supply of cabins. 

     If you are reading this message, we would like to invite you to go with us! We promise that you will be glad you did.




Fill out this form so. we can add you to our private group where we do all of our updates. You cannot be added to the group without submitting the form. All information is for internal use only. Important Note: Don't forget to give us the link to your PROFILE page. There are many people with the same names and we want to make sure we invite the right person to our closed group.

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Cruise Information

Ship: Carnival Pride. 

Sail dates: Jan. 30th - Feb. 5th, 2022

Home Port: Tampa, FL

Ports of call: (Land days!)  Belize City, Belize, Cozumel, Costa Maya, MX.


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Group Perks
As part of our group, you will

• get a $50 per cabin onboard credit
• a cocktail party
• educational seminars on sea days
• meet new horse people
• dinner each night with like minded people
• group hotel rate



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We have two speakers lined up already. We need at least two more. If you are interested in speaking in the educational seminars, email Debi at


Group Hotel Rates
The night before we head out on our adventure many of us stay at the same hotel. We stayed there for the 2020 Horse Lovers Summit and it was perfect!  We get special group rates, have a shuttle we can hire that takes us to and from the port, and if you are driving, you can leave your car there during the cruise.  
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Meet and Greet Before We Cruise

We have a nice tropical themed restaurant beside our hotel. The group will have a meet and greet dinner at the restaurant in the evening. It is advised that you arrive the day before the cruise. Sometimes planes are late and traffic is jammed. You want to make sure you do not miss the cruise due to unexpected delays. 

NOTE: Hotel and restaurant can change before 2022


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Horse Lovers Summit 2022 Facebook Page
You can LIKE our Facebook page. Horse Lovers Summit on the Sea 2022 at 

Horse Lovers Summit Private Group

This group for guest who have booked and people who are interested in booking. You have to have submitted the INTEREST FORM. Click here to request membership


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Meet Our Personal Vacation Planner
Jose Soriano, wasn't assigned to us. He was carefully chosen from a number of Carnival planners because of his wiliness to please, manners and his get it done attitude. There is a recent interview with Jose where he answers questions some of  you had about cruising with Carnival, the rooms, dining, shows and more. (You must be logged into our private group, Horse Lovers Summit on the Sea

Click this link to watch the interview with Jose

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We can answer many of your questions but when it comes to cost of the trip, room types, and location on the ship then we can't answer those. Please, call Jose with any questions you have about cost of the trip, which can vary from person to person based on their travel with Carnival Cruise lines in he past and current special offers. 

Contact Jose here:  Carnival Cruise Line, 1 (800) 819-3902 ext. 82638  Give Jose the name of the group which is the Horse Lovers Summit 2022 and our group booking number  D90RM9

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Become A Sponsor

Stolen Horse International nor the Ladies Horse Society charge any fees and make no money off of the summit. We truly want this to be an affordable trip for as many hard working horse lovers as possible. We do however had expenses for meeting rooms and equipment, promotions, door prizes and more. If you would like your product seen by thousands of horse owners while we promote our summit, and have info we can hand out at the summit, let's talk.  Contact Debi for information.


The Horse Lovers Summit on the Sea 2022 is co-hosted by Stolen Horse International and Ladies Horse Society. Stolen Horse International's website is

SPECIAL NOTICE: Don't forget to tell your friends and get them to join you. You don not have to have a horse to go, just love one.  Due to COVID changes the cruise lines have reduced their occupancy by 40%. That means that if you want to go you cannot wait to book months from now. There may not be any room on the ship. 

Stolen Horse International provides news and other resources for free on this website. As a charitable organization we survive on the kindness of people like you. Please consider donating to help fund the organization or purchasing a NetPosse ID for your horse, dog or cat to help protect your beloved animals!
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