Why should I register at the NEW NETPOSSE.COM?

Why should I register at the NEW NETPOSSE.COM?

To find out the differences between the old NetPose.com and the new please go to this article.

The new NetPosse.com allows people filing a report to request a text alert to NetPosse members in the vicinity of the report. This is an optonal service and only goes to those members who have expressed an interest in receiving these alerts.

Think of AMBER ALERTS or PRESIDENTIAL ALERTS or even EMERGENCY ALERTS that come to your phone and are great at making you aware to a problem or situation.

At any time you can turn receiving these alerts OFF via your Edit Account screen.

We don't ever want you to think we are spamming you, we value your support and would greatly appreciate it if you signed up so that we can help spread the word on cases where people request a text alert.

NetPosse Team
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