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Many nonprofit organizations are well funded and may not require support or sponsorships to help raise funds or awareness of their mission. Others require a great deal of support from organization members, donors, businesses or groups who wish to raise awareness of their brand with the help of a nonprofit.

Stolen Horse International, Inc., also known as NetPosse, is definitely one that needs the support of many. We need sponsorship dollars to run our mission programs. The Victim’s Service Program, our popular Educational Outreach Program, and our new Disaster Support Program, just to name a few, all require outside support. Often we turn to our supporters for support, but sometimes businesses or people with public personas have extended a helping hand to help and at the same time raise their own brand awareness.

Sponsorship does a lot of things for a public personality or a business. Sponsorship is not just an act of charity. Businesses must have a reasonable expectation of a return of their investment (ROI). A return of investment, on the other hand, isn’t always about making money.

Here are some of the reasons why sponsoring our nonprofit organizations, projects and programs can help the bottom line and brand image of a company or person wishing to promote themselves to a larger or different audience.

  • Raise your brand awareness: Businesses sponsor nonprofits because it puts their company in the spotlight for a new audience. It creates positive PR not only for the new audience but for their own as well while raising awareness of Stolen Horse International, Inc., while enhancing their brand credibility. It puts your brand in front of people and doesn’t always have to translate into a financial gain.
  • Media Exposure: Stolen Horse International, Inc, has a large social media audience, driving more exposure to your brand or product. We can expose your brand to thousands of consumers who may not being using your products or services currently.
  • Emotional Connection: It goes without saying. People often act (and spend) from their hearts. Making emotional connections to your brand through our organization builds brand allegiance that promotes good relations with clients. If your company shows you care enough to be involved with our organization’s programs that help bring horses home, then your brand become more appealing.
  • Products: We have no problem with your company giving away products and promotional materials to improve your brand experience. You may even want to test the market for a new product or service. Giving away freebies helps you to do so.
  • Marketing: We know your business wants something in return for your sponsorship. Stolen Horse International, Inc., has a fairly extensive reach in various forms of social media and in the equine community. Sponsorship of our organization is an effective and naturally friendly way of reaching like-minded horse owners with your marketing message through numerous channels.

There is no other site in the world like  Our expanding audience of equestrians grows daily through our Alerts, Debi Metcalfe’s public appearances, volunteers, news media, TV, Radio, numerous social networks and word of mouth! 

Stolen Horse International, Inc., has achieved levels of success for more than two decades. We are looking for successful companies to partner with that have an understanding and appreciation of how the power of our programs can and has changed lives. 

We invite you to join Stolen Horse International, Inc., in our mission to assist in search and recovery of horses and to improve equine welfare through education.

Interested in sponsoring a program or project at Stolen Horse International Inc.?  Email us for more information. We look forward to working with your company.

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