How can you protect your horse with NIP?

How Can I Protect My Horse and Equipment with NIP, the only all Equine ID Registry?

NetPosse Identification Program (NIP) members can register and protect what means most to them in their equestrian world - their horses and tack.

In any situation,when horses and equipment are missing, you should report your missing horse immediately to NIP and your local law enforcement agency if warranted.  

NIP Benefits

  • NIP members can register ALL of their horses and valuable equestrian tack items in one place online.
  • Owner can upload three PDF documents such as bill of sale, coggins, passport info or registration.
  • Owner can keep vet, farrier and equine passport records in NIP. 
  • Horses enrolled in NIP have additional protection in situations of theft, disaster recovery, insurance claims where ownership has to be proven.  
  • Owner can update records online.
  • Pictures can be uploaded for each listing.
  • 24-hour access
  • Members will receive a free listing report on the site if horse or tack are missing. (Some exceptions do apply)

Services may vary depending on type of report filed. Please contact with any questions.