What is a report?

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What is the NetPosse.com Alert?


Originally the Idaho Alert started in 1997, named for Idaho, the stolen mare whose recovery is the inspiration behind Stolen Horse International, the NetPosse.com Alert is similar to the Amber Alert, the system designed to help find lost or abducted children. The NetPosse.com Alert is based on the same principal to help spread the word about your missing horse or equipment or farm crime via the internet.  In 2010, because of the confusion “Idaho” caused on the alert, Stolen Horse International changed the name to the NePosse.com Alert Network.

What is a report?

A report is a specific case details that is organised around concisely identifying and examining the issues, events, or findings that have happened in a physical sense when a horse or equipment is missing. The report informs the viewer about all relevant issues. There are three features that, together, characterise our report listings at a very basic level: a pre-defined structure, an updatable webpage with details, and a chance to reach thousands thorough our established network of contacts. 

How do people read my report?

Each section in a report listing is typically written as a stand-alone piece, so the reader can selectively identify the report sections they are interested in, rather than reading the whole report through in one go from start to finish. These sections are owner information, incident details, law enforcement information, reward status and rebuttal.

How do I file a report?

Be prepared to provide detailed information about your animal and case. We will need your name, phone, pet’s name, age, breed, color, the location last seen, photos and any other relevant details. Law enforcement case information is required for criminal reports. Our staff will then analyze your case and create a uniquely designed flyer*. Our easy to remember name and recognizable logo/flyer are invaluable because NetPosse.com is well established and has an outstanding reputation. Our missing horse and equipment database makes it easy for someone to find and contact you right away.

What kind of reports can I file?

While we cannot guarantee results, NetPosse.com provides critical tools in the search for your equine, livestock, pets, tack, vehicles and equipment that cannot be found anywhere else for such a minimal fee. Victims also have the benefit of more than 30 years of experience in the equine industry and theft situations through this dedicated volunteer organization and its extensive network of individuals, equine professionals, law enforcement agencies, and others who can aide in the recovery of your property.

  • Stolen Equine - Criminal Theft         
  • Missing Equine - Lost /  Escape 
  • Missing Equine - Civil Case
  • Searching for Equine
  • Searching for Equine History
  • Criminal Acts - Equine
  • Found Equine
  • Stolen Tack / Equipment
  • Stolen Trailer / Tractor
  • Stolen Livestock
  • Found Animal - Natural Disaster        
  • Lost Animal - Natural Disaster

What do I get once I file my report?

  • A webpage on NetPosse.com, ground zero for your search. 
  • Someone to make the webpage for you.
  • Save money! Information listed indefinitely on NetPosse.com for one low fee.
  • Flyer* with strategic information for your situation.
  • Netposse.com Alerts* issued as soon as all requirements are received.
  • Horses/equipment can travel great distances—our alerts* are nationwide, sometimes to other countries.
  • Consultation on recovering stolen horses.
  • A powerful message to thieves that the horse community cares about and protects our horses and equipment.
  • Save time! Post your NetPosse listing to Social Media Sites with the click of a button from your report listing.
  • Unlimited pictures with each listing at no extra charge.
  • Thousands of people are helping and keeping an eye out for your missing horse through our NetPosse volunteer program
  • NetPosse Volunteers posting your flyers, attending events, forwarding your alerts, etc.
  • Alerts* posted to NetPosse social networks
  • Peace of mind that you are doing all you can do—priceless!
  • Turns the horse community into natural investigators
  • Custom flyer design available.
  • Not sure what to do next? Just ask?
Note: Stolen Horse International is not law enforcement, attorneys or private investigators and does not act accordingly. Our services are part of our NetPosse Action Plan for victims. Due to the large numbers of reports that are filed and the fact that we are an all-volunteer organization, we do have to limit the amount of time spent with our victims. *NetPosse.com Alerts and Flyers are included with Stolen and Missing-Lost Equine Reports. Others listings can have an Alert upon request if time and resources are available. Flyers are available for most reports for an additional fee.

The longer you wait, the farther your away your horse can travel.

Check out or Reports FAQ for more information.



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