Layla Froste Profile Investigation Update

Layla Froste Profile Investigation Update


UPDATE: We heard you loud and clear. Thank you to all who sent us helpful information and excellent research data. Here's what we know.

  1. Layla contacted Stolen Horse International, stating her opinions or perceived facts on current cases.
  2. Layla commented on our post.
  3. Multiple people sent documents suggesting this is a fake profile. 
  4. We compiled the data and did our research. 
  5. We determined that the profile could be fake.
  6. A professional PI firm that has helped many victims was brought on board for further determination. 
  7. Our PI has done his due diligence and found no proof of Layla Froste in the United States.
  8. We made the post on Facebook to find evidence that Layla exists with the help of our followers.
  9.  No one has stated that they know her from an in-person encounter. 
  10. We invited the Layla Froste profile to prove she is real by providing a picture ID, DL, or even a video chat to show us proof. She refused all methods.
  11. Given the case in Oklahoma, where allegedly horses have died, disappeared, or otherwise missing, we felt it was critical to find out if people existed when they were tied to Sunray Equine Transport and Sanctuary. 
  12. Layla Froste is supposed to be affiliated with Sunray as Secretary. 
  13. Heather Rouh, another profile we investigated, is also supposed to be affiliated with Sunray. 
  14. Neither person can be found, and Heather's online memorial appears fake, as well as the profile. 
  15. On other message boards and Facebook posts, Layla has endorsed the person behind our complaints from victims as an excellent transporter, a nonprofit, etc. It alarms us that Layla will not prove she is whom she says she is. 
  16. Through our due diligence and our PI's findings, we have concluded that the McCurtain Gazette was correct in stating in their news article that Sunray is a 501(c)(3) "sanctuary" in name only. The sanctuary was once a nonprofit corporation in Colorado. Still, there is no indication that there is now or has ever been a proper Federal exemption from the IRS, meaning Sunray may have never been a 501(c)(3) as claimed.
  17. We went through much expense and considerable time to protect horses and horse owners from the grief that many have gone through in the Broken Bow-associated cases on our website. The case are not limited to Oklahoma only. 
  18. We do not condone useless drama, but anytime horses are put in danger, we consider the drama that needs to be investigated and proven or disproven to the best of our ability. 


Through the use of a professional PI, many submissions concerning Layla Froste, and even submissions concerning Sunray, our conclusion, and opinion is that the Layla Froste profile is fake. We cannot conclude positively who is behind this profile. 

If we are wrong, we will be happy to make a public announcement stating so. Until then, we will go by the facts proven to us and continue helping the victims in the associated cases. 

WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED? - Thank you for your time and patience. Drama-filled posts are rare on our page but are allowed when we think the public can read and learn from the comments. We hope you will now do your due diligence when talking to people online before you end up in situations similar to our victims in the associated cases to this profile. Anyone can be anybody, or many somebodies, on social media.

One person can have many accounts. We often see accounts that have been cloned or hacked. We will post a checklist of things to ask about before asking someone to QT, board, or transport for you. Many people are first-time buyers or rescuers. We want to help you and the horse have a positive experience.

Thank you for not giving up on us while we sort out the drama. 

Helpful Public Resources
Colorado Secretary of State Articles of Incorporation Sunray Equine Training Sanctuary Limited
Current Colorado status as of May 6, 2023, for Sunray Equine Training Sanctuary Limited
IRS search results for Sunray Equine Traing Sanctuary as a nonprofit.

According to the public documents with the Colorado Secretary of State's website articles of incorporation for Sunray Equine Training Sanctuary Limited, the following are INITIAL DIRECTORS:
Kathrin Hufford 225 S Broadway #9950, Denver, CO 80209
Rodney Bolton 225 S Broadway #9950, Denver, CO 80209
Geraldine McQuoid 225 S Broadway #9950, Denver, CO 80209

According to a statement made by the Vice President of Sunray Equine Training Sanctuary, S.E.T.S, a 501c3, the following were officers.
Gerry McQuiod: VP  (Real peson)
Heather Rouh: Treasurer  (Unable to find evidence this is a real person behind the Facebook profile)
Layla Froste: Secretary  (Unable to find evidence this is a real person behind the Facebook profile)

At this time we have been unable to find Sunray Equine Training Sanctuary registered as a business or nonprofit in Oklahoma at the Secretary of State's office. We suggest you check the site in the future before doing business with associates claiming to be part of the business or nonprofit. 

Are all nonprofit organizations in the United States tax-exempt?
Non-profit status may make an organization eligible for certain benefits, such as state sales, property, and income tax exemptions; however, this corporate status does not automatically grant exemption from federal income tax. Dec 22, 2022   Search the IRS website for Sunray Equine Training Sanctuary 

Not all nonprofit organizations are tax-exempt. The fact that an organization may be organized and operated as a nonprofit under applicable state law does not establish tax exemption for the organization. To qualify for tax exemption, an organization must meet specific federal and state guidelines. 
Instructions: Articles of Incorporation for a Nonprofit Corporation in Colorado   

What is the difference between nonprofit on a state level and the 501(c)(3) IRS level?
Many people confuse nonprofits on a state level with nonprofits on the 501(c)(3) IRS level. It is must be noted that while many areas of these two types of organizations overlap, they are not entirely the same and the terms cannot be used interchangeably. So, what is the difference between nonprofits on a state level and 501c3 organizations?  Click here to learn more.

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Status of Sunray Equine Sanctuary as of May 6, 2023

Public link for Sunray state of Colorado articles of incorporation.



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