How to find your Facebook Profile URL

How to find your Facebook Profile URL

In certain screens you may be asked for your Facebook Profile URL, if you don't use Facebook and this field is required simply type NA or NONE or similar to get around the field requirement.

For all other scenarios here is how you find your Facebook Profile URL:

  • Open and go to your Profile screen (Facebook opens on your Home screen you may have to click on your Name to go to your profile screen).
  • Click in the Address Bar at the top of the page.
  • The Address should look something like
  • Highlight the Address and press Ctrl + C (or right click the highlighted text and go to COPY).
  • Go back to the NetPosse page asking for the URL and click into the field and press Ctrl + V or right click and choose PASTE.


The Facebook App may be a little different between app versions and across devices however the following "should" work.
  • Open the Facebook Mobile App
  • Go to your Profile screen (by default Facebook opens on a different screen) by clicking on your photo icon to the left of the "What's on your mind?" box.
  • Click the ... button to the right of Add to Story / Edit Profile.
  • Scroll down to "Your profile link" and click Copy Link.
  • Go back to the NetPosse page asking for the URL and long click into the field (i.e. push and hold down) and paste should be an option. Some phones will recognize you have text in your clipboard and provide a second way to paste with only a single tap but that depends on the model of phone.

This is by no means a complete list of the ways you can use to find your profile link and Facebook constantly moves things around and changes the way their system works so while these methods work fine as of February 2023 they may not work indefinitely.
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