Reporting Missing, Lost, Stolen, and Other Reports

Reporting Missing, Lost, Stolen, and Other Reports


The following information is helpful in your report if you have a missing horse, equipment, or a criminal acts situation. The more thorough the report information, the better we can serve you.  

First steps after you find your animal or equipment missing.

  • Contact your local police or sheriff that has jurisdiction in your area. 
  • Then contact Stolen Horse International, Inc at or call 704-484-2165. 

Include as much of the following as necessary in your report. Be prepared to be asked follow-up questions from our reports managers. 

  • Name
  • Phone numbers: cell, home, fax
  • Law enforcement (LE) case number if there is an active criminal case with local LE. 
  • Time the theft or event occurred: time of day, day of the week, etc.
  • Describe the incident, animal, or equipment that disappeared.
  • When was the animal or equipment last seen?
  • Describe any physical evidence involved.
  • Describe any identifying marks or characteristics of the horse that is missing.
    • Microchip
    • Lip Tattoo
    • Brand or Freeze brand
    • Identifying marks or scars
    • Identifying factors specific to the horse.
    • Ear notches
  • Identify suspicious vehicles seen in the area.
  • Upload photos that show markings.
  • Is there a suspect?
  • Are there any witnesses?

 How to report a found/estray horse

This report does not need to be as specific but needs the following submitted in the information.

  • Contact name
  • Phone number
  • Incident details
    • Where was the horse found?
    • How was the horse found?
    • Who has the horse now?
    • Was the found horse reported to LE and animal control? 
    • If so, give the complete contact info for the involved agencies.
    • Describe the horse.
    • Upload photos of the horse. 

Some details are omitted from the public report to keep the horse safe from people who do not own the horse. However, we do need the information in our files.  

You can click on the CONTACT US tab on our website to send support documents and details not released to the public on any report filed. 


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