Do you read the NetPosse posts on social media?

Do you read the NetPosse posts on social media?



Today, is April 1st, everyone. That means you've got only one day to sharpen your Spidey senses for those dastardly April Fools' pranks.

Don't tell anyone about this April's Fool prank but we do want to ask you to do something for us since you took the time to click on the link. 

Click here to go back to the post and comment under the post with the most outrageous April Fool's Day story you can think of today.  You can post memes too. We just want all the people who didn't click the link to wonder what the heck this is about.  When you don't click the links in our posts, you miss out on a lot of information, right?

We didn't do too well last year so we want to hear your jokes this year. 


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