Stolen Horses Recovered Before Going To Mexico

Stolen Horses Recovered Before Going To Mexico


HAPPY DANCE TIME!!!!! We are happy to show you the recovery picture of JoJo, Paris, and Darla, who were recovered today in Bryan, Texas. One of the horses was about to be loaded on a truck bound for Mexico when law enforcement arrived.

From Jared Block: "Jared Block and I just loaded our kids into the trailer to head home. Thank to everyone who was involved, the investigation isn’t over but we have our horses. Today we found a needle in a haystack due to the amazing officers and all who have helped - God Bless Texas

Brand your animals!!!! Our filly was almost lost to a kill buyer (driving down the driveway where our horses were found) as the officers found my horses. Our unbranded baby (we just got) was bound for Mexico and our other two branded were bound for New Mexico for a horse sale. Thank God for the timeline and diligent work our law officers contributed"

The horses have minor surface scrapes. The baby was freaking out when Sarah and Jarod got there and would not let anyone touch her. When she saw Sarah she put her head on Sarah's chest and just breathed and rested.

After the horses are watered the family will be heading home, whole once again.

Big thanks to everyone who helped and especially law enforcement and everyone who shared a post or posted a flyer.
Horses never forget!
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Jo Jo, Paris and Darla are home!!!



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