Harley, Missing For 13 Years, Miraculously Found

Harley, Missing For 13 Years, Miraculously Found


Missing horses or ones who escaped or were stolen, horses often found off the grid, others living with people who are unaware of the real origins of their horses--these are the stories that still manage to shock horse owners when the horses are found. For the faithfully curious, here is one story about a missing horse who was found alive, despite all reasonable doubt that she’d ever be seen again.

Reports about missing and stolen horses have become more prevalent with Stolen Horse International and as seen on social media platforms, and some would say they are a “dime a dozen” now. Others think that once these horses are gone, they are gone, never to be found again. But wait, that is not always true!

Some missing horse stories are so fantastic, you would think there is no way they could be true, like the story of Kelley Reason and Harley, the missing horse found 13 years of searching by Kelley.

Stolen Horse International was tagged on this post made by Kelley Reason on August 25, 2020. It says,

“So today an over 13-year search for a horse that got lost during my divorce was found.  I am speechless, I have cried, I am beyond grateful.  I followed leads, looked in kill pens, auctions, and had concluded I would never see her again.  But today Nealia McCracken called me and said they had a horse once registered to me.  I am overjoyed and really can't stop crying.  Soon to be coming home is Harlems Royal Asset, aka Harley.  There are absolutely no words... you my sweet girl will NEVER be lost again. I cannot wait to have you home where you belong. I had to reread this because I never believed I would ever be writing this post.”

Happy ending, happy dance moments do not come often enough and we love it when they do. Debi Metcalfe, the founder of Stolen Horse International and an expert in the field, talked with Kelley about her ordeal.

When Debi asked her how she felt now Kelley responded, “There are no words to define how I feel. I am happy and crying at the same time. I want to rush up there and get her but she needs qt time. It's just overwhelming the emotions.”

Debi Metcalfe knows more than a little bit about how Kelley feels as she herself is a victim of theft and has worked with victims since 1997.

Debi replied to Kelley, “I remember how it felt to find Idaho after a year. I am sure your emotions are pretty much the same. There are no words really to describe what you are feeling now and what I felt then. The feelings are overwhelming.”

“Absolutely. It's so odd because I have reunited horses with former owners thru my rescue and it never seemed to be able to happen for me...thanks to another rescue it did.  I am so grateful.  Strangely she showed up at a place I buy a lot of my guys that I rehab and adopt out.”

So, how did this miracle happen? How did Kelly find Harley?

Kelly explained, “She miraculously had her papers with her and an Amish guy put her thru the New Holland sale. A dealer bought her and contacted SBR  and they said they would take her. Strangely he sometimes contacts me but not this time. They saw her papers immediately knew me and called me. I was in the middle of teaching and I literally sat down and cried.”

Many horses have been brought home by owners who do not give up searching for their horses. If they can still be alive by age, then there is always hope that one day they can be found, just like Harley was after 13 years.

Stolen Horse International-NetPosse.com loves happy ending stories and we hope this one lifted your heart and made you smile today. 

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Harley is happy to be found after 13 years. 




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