Get Your Horse Freeze Branded in May 2020 in NC

Get Your Horse Freeze Branded in May 2020 in NC


Stolen Horse gets messages from people every week who are searching for a place to get their horses freeze branded.  We recommend that you make a point to be at Mule Days on Sunday, May 3rd, 2020 in Leatherwood Mountains in Ferguson, NC. This opportunity does not come around often. Please make it a priority if you want your horses to be freeze branded. 

Sign up today!! —Call or text Jane Johnson to make your appointment (540) 335-1268 or find her on Facebook. 


And, don't forget to provide extra protection by using the ID COMBO and purchase your microchip kit from our NetPosse Store, Our kits have not one but two pre-paid national ID registries in your kit.

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Purchase your Microchip Kit in the NetPosse Store 
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Neither are stand-alone equine ID that works in
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