20 Tips To Help Prevent Tack Theft

20 Tips To Help Prevent Tack Theft


Tack is a big investment for horse owners so why not take extra precautions to keep it safe?

You may think that most of these tips are no-brainers to every horse owner. Unfortunately, that is not true.

These tips are here to remind you that sometimes the simplest things overlooked cause you the most money and heartache after your equipment disappears.

  1. Keep detail pictures and videos of equipment.
  2. Record your serial numbers for saddles and horse equipment.
  3. Purchase as safe to keep to store expensive items, medications, and paperwork.
  4. Purchase strong locks.
  5. Lock equipment in a tack room or storage building.
  6. Lock the tack room or storage building.
  7. When traveling lock your equipment in a trunk inside of a horse trailer.
  8. Lock the horse trailer.
  9. Brand your tack.
  10. Microchip your saddles.
  11. Put nameplates on your tack.
  12. Permanently mark your tack with a phrase or word in to help identify and deter theft.
  13. When saddles are stored using a locking saddle rack.
  14. Install surveillance cameras.
  15. Post “No Trespassing” signs as well as signs stating that your property is under surveillance.
  16. Keep animal alarms such as dogs, geese, guineas, donkeys on the farm.
  17. Place an alarm system on doors and windows.
  18. Make sure you have motion sensor lighting around the barn.
  19. Do not leave anything unattended at events.
  20. Establish a Farm Watch system with your neighbors. 

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