Dealing with Narcissists in the Horse World

Dealing with Narcissists in the Horse World


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You will want to look at these six warning signs before you decide to loan, sell, board or release the care of your horse to another person. 



Stolen Horse is constantly looking for ways to help you protect yourself and your horses. We read this article and immediately knew that it described many of the people we have dealt with over the years when horses are missing or stolen.

Why? A narcissist will lie to your face without even a second thought. They see you as a pawn. There is no concern for others and they deny flaws in themselves, put the blame on others and their lies are their truth.

Have you met this person yet? If so, you may have already become their victim. If not, this article may help you to NOT be their next victim.

Read these articles and apply the information to people in the horse industry when it comes to those who buy, sell, trade or offer to take care of your horses.

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How do you tell the difference between a selfish jerk and a narcissist?
The jerk and the narcissist do seem like the same person on the surface. The big difference is that the narcissist has no empathy for others and everything is about them. A jerk can feel empathy and care about someone or things other than themselves.