Kill Pen - Feed Lot List

Kill Pen - Feed Lot List


3-B Auction Horses - 

Ark-La Ship Pen/Stanley Brothers -

Bastrop Louisiana Ship Pen - boswe

Boswell Horse Company -

Bowie Auction Horses -

Burrell Horse Auction - ca


Stroud Oklahoma Kill Pen Horses -

Fabrizius Livestock -

Fallon Feedlot Horses -

Cranbury Sale Stable / Horse & Tack Auction -

Fisher Horses & Tack - gr

Kansas kill pens -

Kaufman Kill Pen -

Kentucky kill pen horses (3-B auction horses )

Kill Pen of Southeast Oklahoma -

Moore''s Equines For Rescue -

North Texas Feedlot/Auction Horses/Kill Pen -

PA Kill Pen Network -

Parker Training Facility,Farrier Service and Horses For Sale -

Rebels Equine Feedlot Sales -Washington State -

Ryon''s Rescue Pen -

Pacific NorthWest Feedlot Coalition - PNWFC -

Sexton’s Horse & Mule Co. - TN slaughter bound horses -

Shippenburg killpen -

Smith Horse company -

Southern KY Kill Pen Horses - h

Stanley Brothers horse company -

Tar Heel feedlots -

Tennessee Ship Pen - Stanley Brothers -

Thompson''s Horse Lot & Co. -

Thompson Direct Ship Horses -

Twin States Ship Pen -

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