Quick Response NetPosse BOLO (Be On The Look-Out)

Quick Response NetPosse BOLO (Be On The Look-Out)


Here We Grow Again

An all-points bulletin (APB) broadcast issued from Stolen Horse International's NetPosse.com website to its alert network, or to other network contacts. It typically contains information about missing or stolen horses and equipment which are to be found, for whom horse owners and friends are to look. They are usually stolen or missing horses. Our all-points bulletin known as a quick response BOLO, which stands for "be on the look-out". Such an alert may also be called lookout or ATL ("attempt to locate"). 

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When people think NetPosse Alerts and Internet, the image is typically of a verified alert for a victim struggling to recover a missing horse while sharing with friends by using the keyboard. This image no longer totally fits. Recent statistics show strong growth in the use of digital technologies among our NetPosse friends, including increased use of social media.  

While NetPosse Alerts Reports are verified before sending them out on the Internet, Stolen Horse International expects the more current wave of supporters to be less patient in waiting for accurate information. Our NetPosse verification process has been an integral part of the NetPosse Alert report system as it began and, consequently, will continue to be.  However, as the digital age morphs into new technologies, we have been forced to adopt new technology in regards to our alert network as well.

Adapting to Change 

Unfortunately, not all people want verified alerts. Many continue to focus on the "gotta have it now" due to the new social media technologies. Many are unable to understand the need to do due diligence in the reporting of stolen or missing horses to the public.  We have found this to be a significant issue in regards to our verified reporting system. 

With use of the Internet a foregone conclusion, policies governing our alerts will consider the needs of the both types of supporters to ensure a larger impact on quality of NetPosse Alert and search outcomes.

Therefore, we are reaching out to both audience types with our usual verified reports and our new NetPosse BOLO alert. Stolen Horse International's unverified quick response BOLO, has been a project in development for years, and is yet another evolution of our alert system.  

 We do what is needed to help our victims bring more horses home. 

What is the Difference Between a Verified Report and a BOLO? 

There are many difference between the verified NetPosse Alert and the unverified NetPosse BOLO


One Time Charge

Stolen Horse International is not "just" a Facebook page. We spend thousands of dollars each for the upkeep of www.netposse.com. The small fees help pay it forward for victim's past, present and future. 

The cost of a quick response NetPosse BOLO is $10. You can add a custom flyer for an additional $15. Keep in mind that most of our paid REPORTS are $25 and received full benefits. These can go out very quick if all info is sent at the time of filing. Most of the time these are slowed down by incomplete requirements by the submitter of the report.