Stolen Horse International Message from a Horse Theft Victim

Stolen Horse International Message from a Horse Theft Victim

02 May 2024

It's heartbreaking to know that the longer time passes since a horse disappears, the less others seem to understand the depth of their absence to an owner who loves them.

Take a coffee break this morning and watch this short video.  It's a feeling that tears at your heartstrings, a deep sense of loss that only grows with time.

The disappearance of a beloved horse can leave an owner feeling helpless and alone, struggling to make sense of the sudden void in their life. It's a pain that few can truly understand, and I urge you to take a moment today to watch this short video and gain a glimpse into the anguish that comes with such a loss. And if you have experienced this heartbreak firsthand, please know you are not alone.

Share your thoughts and feelings with us in the comments below, and let us stand with you in solidarity as you navigate this difficult time.

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