Have You Seen Ninja?

Have You Seen Ninja?

04 August 2023

NETPOSSE VICTIM SPEAKS: Ann became a victim of horse theft when the fence was cut, and her beloved horse Ninja was stolen from the family pasture in 2006. Ninja could still be alive by age.

Not knowing what happened to Ninja still haunts Ann to this day. Take 1 minute to hear her tell her story. And then, share the NetPosse Alert for Ninja. Thank you for your support and understanding of why we never give up.
These reports are still open in our NetPosse database on our website. You can read the details on these cold cases and contact the owner by clicking on the image below. Could you be sure to pass the cold case alert along? As many of you know, we've helped recover horses over a decade after they went missing.

Again, we never give up on hope. We appreciate your support. 

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Ninja's NetPosse Webpage: https://netposse.com/tag.asp?id=6252 

Facebook NetPosse Alert 2023: https://www.facebook.com/StolenHorseInternationalNetPosse/posts/pfbid02a5UKCL8ynqBSv7Zgd2GFgKio7FLh33mhSuAi7qkEJu8PMdNSRNKdisZPEY2CH8Dxl

Instagram NetPosse Alert 2023: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cvhq-PVMKyI/ 

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