FOX NEWS 5 Vet Student Accused Of Pulling Tragic Con On Horse Lovers

FOX NEWS 5 Vet Student Accused Of Pulling Tragic Con On Horse Lovers

29 October 2021

By: Randy Travis,  Aired: Apr 04, 2018

TUSKEGEE, Ala. - Horse lovers in Georgia and across the Southeast accuse an Alabama woman of pulling a horrible scam. They tell police they were tricked into giving away their horse because they were each promised it was going to a good home. Instead, they fear the horses may have been ultimately sold for slaughter.

According to NetPosse, a non-profit that tracks horse theft, 21 people across the Southeast have now complained Fallon Blackwood also took their horses under false pretenses. That's 32 horses in all. Some of the owners told police that when they asked for pictures, Fallon replied their horse had suffered a terrible accident. “She told one horse owner that both horses were struck by lightning and died.” pointed out Pam Miller of NetPosse. Ironically, the one thing Fallon told owners that may be the hardest to believe is actually true. She really is listed as a third-year vet student at Tuskegee University. And that put the historic college in a difficult spot.

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