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Incident Details

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Richmondville (Schoharie County), NY, 12149, USA
3 brown horses were spotted by a group of college kids doing a lab class in Mallet State Park. They were on Cemetery Rd, at the marsh area when the 3 horses appeared on the gravel road. One of the horses looked shaggy. When they tried to approach them, they ran off down the road towards Fulton Hill Rd. I was contacted by a woman named Julie, the mother of one of the students, of the sighting. My husband and I both went to the area to look for any signs of them and found nothing. This park is 2500 acres of woods, with many four wheeler paths. There are hunters in the area. We contacted our local DEC officer to alert him of the sighting. We also contacted our local CART leader. She also did a search of the area with her husband but found nothing. Here is a link to the exact location.
3 Horses Schoharie Co 
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Sun, October 28 2012

Wandering Horses Spotted in New York State Park

The search is on for three horses seen running free in a 2500-acre park in New York State.

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6/25/2017 5:35:00 AM

NetPosse Comment: We do not know if these horses belong to someone in the area and just got out, abandoned or if they could possibly be horses that were lost in the flooding a year ago. Anything is possible but we would like your help trying to locate the horses or the owner.

Wednesday 10/24/12 - I am the one who first contacted Kim about the 3 horses. It was my daughter and her class members who saw them when out on lab field work. Verifiable, definite sighting and it wasn't until a couple days later we were able to get a very specific location from looking at Google maps. My daughter was not sure of the name of the road they were on at the time of sighting, but just knew the general area they were in Neither my daughter nor myself were or have been able to drive up there ourselves due to work and school. Kim made contacts as soon as I messaged her and I thank her for doing all she has right away to get the word out!  - Julie Stienmuller

The pictures of Mallet Pond State Park were taken by one of the people searching the area.

If any horses are spotted take pictures (with cell phone), call State Police, DEC Office 607-652-7365 and call/email the person who filed this report.

Link to the site where horses were seen:



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Date of Filing: 10/24/2012 8:05:00 AM