NetPosse Identification Program (NIP) FAQ

Please take a look at the frequently asked questions for this heading.

How do I access my NIP registration information?

It is very easy!

  1. Login to your account
  2. Your listings will show up after you click on the NIP REGISTRY tab on the brown toolbar from any page.
  3. Click on one of your entries and update.

Where do I go to register?

You can click here for instructions on how to register in the NIP registry.

I have purchased a NIP registration already. Do I need to pay again?

No. If you have purchased a NIP registration in one of our microchip packages or at a public event you do not have to pay again. You will need to:

  • Register for a account
  • Send us a note which includes your microchip number, where you purchased the registry and date of purchase.
  • Once we have that information we give credits in your account for the NIP registry so you do not need to pay twice.
  • Use the CONTACT US tab to email us and make sure you put NIP in the subject line.

How do I pay for my NIP registration?

You will be prompted to pay for your NIP registration when you are filling in the information on your horse. You can use PayPal or a credit card. If you would like to send in a money order please be sure to put a note with the MO to let us know what the payment is for so we can mark your account paid.

What if I my information changes?

You can login to your NetPosse account, click on MY NIP and update your information as often as needed. It is up to each registered user to keep their information up-to-date. NIP has no way of knowing personal information past what is in the NIP registry and is not liable or responsible for outdated or incorrect data.

What kind of ID information can I enter?

Any type of ID can be recorded in the NIP registry. This includes brand pictures, microchip, tattoo and freezemark numbers. All ID information is welcome. If you do not see what you need for your type of ID, contact us and we will try to fix the problem for you.

What can be entered into the registry?

Anyone can enter a any registered, or grade horse, pony, donkey or mule in the NIP registry. We encourage everyone to register. The NIP registry is designed to help equines and their owners. The purpose of the NIP registry is to help the owner keep vital information at hand so it can be used in the future very quickly if needed. Valuable time is not lost looking for information and pictures of a lost horse. Help protect your records about your horse. Register now. 

Do I have to pay to register my horse if it ends up missing too?

No. If your horse is listed in the NIP Registry the report fee is waived if the horse ends up missing for any reason.

Do I have to pay a fee to entered in to the NIP Registry?

Yes, there is a small one time fee.

Will my personal information including my email address be seen by anyone except me.

No. Your information will not be public until you contact us to let us know your horse is missing. Then basic information about your horse will be published in the REPORTS section of