Reporting F.A.Q

Please take a look at the frequently asked questions for this heading.

What is the cost of reports

Most reports cost a one time fee of $25.00. There are a few exceptions. Please click this link to see report cost. 

What type of information should I have prepared to file a report?

Because of the emotional nature of the incident, filing a report may be stressful.  To avoid delays ensure that you have the following information readily available:

  • Your complete contact information, including email address
  • Name & Contact information of owner, if you are not the owner 
  • Complete details & information about item being listed 
  • VIN, ID, brands, tattoos, scars/blemishes, unusual markings, etc. 
  • Private Information (where applicable) 
  • Animal’s or properties estimated value
  • Suspected parties or indviduals
  • Law Enforcement  information – REQUIRED for certain reports 
  • Reward information if offered 
  • Images/photographs for report 
  • Payment for report by PayPal or Credit Card

Am I required to offer a reward?

You are not required or expected to offer a reward.  Offering a reward is a personal choice which may motivate some to contact you should they recognize your equine or property.  Be advised, however, that should you choose to offer a reward you are contractually and legally bound to pay that reward upon the recovery of your equine or property. For more information read: Considerations When Offering a Reward

What kind of reports can I file?

Go back to the Reports heading on the menu and click on "What is a report?" to see the different types of reports that are listed on

Does it cost to file a report? Why?

There is a small fee to file most reports. Animals involved in a natural disaster are free. The animal must be involved in a flood, fire, hurricane, etc.  The money for the reports helps to support our day to day cost of running Stolen Horse International /

How do I get back to my report?

If you have to leave your computer, or close a reporting window down you can return to it at a later date by going to My Reports, clicking on the Report and then clicking on the red Incomplete button.