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NR001218 - MISSING EQUINE Smart Lil Tea Party - Mia RECOVERED - CA

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Recovered because of this ad on!NetPosse helps bring another horse home in 6 months!
Missing since 2009 and listed on since May of 2011

11/17/11 - Jim just called to let us know that Mia was recovered yesterday! A man in Porterville, CA had Mia. His son had seen Mia's NetPosse report on and told his dad about the listing. The father called Jim and Jim went to get his horse yesterday. Once he got there he was surprised to be told that the people wanted money for the horse before they gave Mia back to him. The police were called and once it was discovered that the bill of sale was dated the same day that Jim dropped Mia off at the trainer the police removed Mia and gave her to Jim.  He is very grateful to and credits the site for her recovery. Jim was in agreement with me that does do wonderous things!


11/17/2011 2:04:48 P.M. Eastern Standard Time - I am sending this email to thank Debi Metcalf and NetPosse for all they do and how instrumental the listing of my horse on their site was to her recovery. It has been a real miserable 2 year ordeal trying to find my filly, but I am happy to report that she has finally been returned to me. I seriously think we have a problem in the cowboy and rodeo circuit when they receive, and or buy horses, know the registered bloodlines are worth way more than their paying, yet ignore the fact that signed off registration papers are not following the horse. The people that bought her for $350.00 tried to extort $2800.00 for here care from me for her return. The Sheriff department said they are now listing the man who had her as a suspect in the case because of his belligerence and harassment toward me. I played along with these folks so I would be given her location and then called the Sheriff and they had her recovered in 5 hours from taking the report. - James Laber

Owner Information
Name:James Laber
Zip / Postal Code:93292
Incident Details
Date of Incident:11/20/2009
Location:Porterville (Tulare County), CA, 93257, USA
Incident Description:Trainer (ask owner for name) never performed training services on my Buckskin gelding, for trade of horse, or payment of $2500.00, and absconded with filly. Filly was left in his possession as he wanted to do some clean up and light training to increase her value. He indicated in March that the filly is in the possession of a guy that drives truck and works at (ask owner name of ranch) and resides in the Porterville/ Springville area. I still have the AQHA papers and she is DNA verified. The picture are of her at 7 Months. I have tried the Sheriff and thy say this is a civil matter. Why then I ask, does everyone spit when I bring the trainers name up?

Name:Smart Lil Tea Party
BreedQuarter Horse
Age when Entered: 33 months
Current Age from DOB:6 years
Height:15.0 hands
Weight:1000 lbs
Permanent ID:
DNA Parentage verified #QH910674
  • Star
  • Very light white star
Skills:Not Broken to Ride, Cow Horse (Prospect)
Registry:AQHA 5170611

Date/Time of Filing:4/18/2011 1:12:00 PM

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Smart Lil Tea Party

Smart Lil Tea Party

Smart Lil Tea Party