Stable Scoop Radio Show - Twister’s Adventure

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The Stable Scoop Show is part of Horse Radio Network. We are very grateful for them interviewing Jonelle West Gothard and Pam Miller regarding Twister's story.

From The Stable Scoop Show's website:
"This week we tell you the fascinating and potentially heartbreaking story of Twister, Helena puts her farm on the market and the Product Review of the Week is the Ovation Ladies Aqua-X Knee Patch Breeches. Listen in…

Stable Scoop Episode 456 – Show Notes and Links:

Host: Helena Bee and Glenn the Geek
Photo: Jonelle West Gothard’s horse Twister
Guest: Jonelle West Gothard
Guest: Pam Miller, from Stolen Horse International
Product Reviewer: Denise Raymond Product Review of the Week: OVATION LADIES AQUA-X KNEE PATCH BREECHES"


Twister's Report Link:

Posted at Saturday, May 6, 2017 in General
Related to Report: NR005118


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