Runaway horse bolts through apartment complex in Beaumont, Texas

Posted at Friday, February 15, 2013 in General

FEBRUARY 10, 2013 BEAUMONT - Does anyone know this little fellow?If his owner is not found he will soon go to a public auction.

This runaway horse  is what the people living at the Northridge Manor apartments in north Beaumont saw walking around their complex Friday morning, February 8, 2013.

No one knows where the horse came from but officers had quiet the roundup for the better part of five hours.

Afraid the horse was going to get hit by a car officers attempted to rope it and tranquilize it but neither worked as the colt ran for freedom. Finally Officer Fortenberry was able to calm the tired colt down long enough to get a rope around his neck.

The colt still had a little fight left inside him as he put up one last stuggle against getting inside of the awaiting trailer.

The horse was taken to the Jefferson County barn safe and sound. The sheriff's office will bring it to auction if the owner does not come forward to claim it before a certain date.




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