Owners claim 22 runaway horses in Bath, KY

Posted at Wednesday, January 2, 2013 in Article

KENTUCKY - Dec. 31, 2012 — The owners of 22 missing horses have come forward.

The owners said the horses were able to get loose because of damage sustained during recent storms.

Kentucky State Police Sergeant Jim Bowling was looking for the owners of the horses, which he found Tuesday night in his front yard.

Bowling lives on KY 11 between Bethel and Sharpsburg.

He said he questioned neighboring farmers but could not locate the owner of the horses.

The horses were discovered on Christmas Day. Bowling was at his second farm, feeding his cattle.

“Somebody called and said, ‘Your horses are out,’ and I said, ‘I don’t have any horses. You must have had too much eggnog.’”

The horses were caught and secured in a fenced lot on Bowling’s farm.

“A lot of them are mares with colts or yearlings still nursing,” Bowling said. “They haven’t been groomed for a while but they’re healthy looking. They’ve been fed.”

All 22 horses were returned to the owners.

Resource: The Morehead News, Nicole Back Sturgill - Staff Writer, http://themoreheadnews.com/breakinglocalnews/x964859245/Owners-claim-22-runaway-horses-in-Bath 

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