Stolen horse victim has trailer stolen

Posted at Tuesday, April 24, 2012 in Article

This horse was stolen in 1993 and never found.


There are now warrants out for the arrest for Joseph Nelson for Resisting arrest, providing false information and grand theft for allegedly stealing Ronnies trailer.

Ronnie Jimeson had his horse disappeared in 1993. It was one of 20 stolen by a ring of horse thieves. Ronnie Jimeson: "You know what they did to horse thieves in the old west? They'd hang them, hang them."

Now he is a victim again. This time his trailer has been stolen. Watch this video and respond with your thoughts on our Facebook page, Stolen Horse International, Inc. aka

When you get a ticket in the mail from Sunpass it's not a good feeling unless its a picture of your stolen trailer roaring thru the toll, pulled by the thief.

But is a Sunpass picture, enough to prove who the thief is? Its why one man called Help me Howard with with WSVN-TV News 7 in Florida.

We promise you that you have to see this one to believe it. How far does a victim have to go to get attention? Is a picture enough proof to prove who took Ronnies trailer?

Resource: WSVN-TV News 7, Miami-Ft Laudale, Reported by Patrick Fraser, Help Me Howard.

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