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Arizonia Pony with Distinct Appearance Goes Missing

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pixiedustflyersm.jpgUpdated: Monday, 21 Nov 2011, 5:39 PM MST
Published : Monday, 21 Nov 2011, 5:39 PM MST

QUEEN CREEK - She's kind of hard to miss -- a pony with a pink mane and tail. That's why it's so hard to understand how a valley woman's pony went missing in the night.

Siri Cole runs a unique business, Charming Party Ponies. She owns petite little ponies, available for rent at parties and festivals.

Pixie is a 10-year-old white Welsh pony mare, Cole's prized possession.

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Posted at Tuesday, November 22, 2011 in Report Updates
Related to Report: NR001487