Hurricane Irma Missing/Lost Pets/Horses - How to File a Report

Posted at Thursday, September 7, 2017 in General

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It is hurricane season which means potential flooding and evacuations. Stolen Horse International aka™ recommends being prepared ahead of time for the potential need to evacuate due to a disaster. is here to help all disaster victims! If you are missing horses or other animals in the floods/hurricanes or other major disasters you can list them for free on Disasters examples are fires, floods, hurricanes, tornado, earthquake, etc.

To get started Register for an account and click on My Account after logged in. Once you have done that, please click on the type of animal you need to list (i.e. "My Equines" for horses, mules, donkeys, etc., and "My Animals" for all other animals. Then click on "Reports" and "File a Report" completing all the information requested. Please click on Contact Us if you have any questions during the process. One of the volunteers which process the reports will be in touch as soon as possible.

  • Horses are to be filed under MISSING LOST report (All fees are waived. Skip payment page by clicking SUBMIT button)
  • All other animals are to be filed under DISASTER reports.
Click here for Disaster Planning Tips
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Help Hurricane Irma Missing/Lost Pets/Horses Reunite With Their Owners 

Purchase your microchips from Stolen Horse International and help us continue to help missing horse victims with your purchase. We do not use companies that sell the 900 numbered microchips. All proceeds support our Victim's Service and Educational Outreach projects.

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