Norman boarding farm looking for missing horse | News

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Norman boarding farm looking for missing horse | News

August 11, 2017
By: Jacob McGuire

A Norman horse boarding farm has asked for the public’s help in finding a horse that went missing more than a week ago. 

According to Feather Creek Farm owner Dynah Korhummel, on Aug. 1, a 13-year-old saddlebred chestnut gelding named Dreamer managed to escape from his stall. Korhummel said she is hopeful someone will find him and come forward. 

“We’re pretty sure he’s still alive,” she said. “If someone does find him, throw a rope over his neck or a halter, and try to get him in a small pasture or a place we can get to him.”

Korhummel said people should not be worried about approaching Dreamer. 

“He’s a very friendly horse,” she said. 

Korhummel said whomever finds Dreamer will receive a reward, but she isn’t sure what it will be. 

Korhummel said she was able to track Dreamer’s hoofprints heading south near the intersection 72nd Ave. NE and E. Robinson St., but lost the trail. 

Dreamer has been boarded at Feather Creek Farm for the last three years. 

Korhummel can be contacted at (925) 580-9841. 

Source: Norman Transcript, 

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Related to Report: NR005300

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