Two rare SC Heritage horses stolen during storm

Posted at Monday, May 8, 2017 in General

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A pair of rare Marsh Tacky horses were reported stolen Monday.

According to Jackie McFadden with the Carolina Marsh Tacky Association, a bay mare named River and a dark bay gelding named Yago were stolen from Dragoon Farms in Boykin in Kershaw county.

"Those little bay horses hold my heart," she said. "I have to get them back!"

McFadden's Marsh Tacky horses are used in the Citadel's living history club. The Cadets go to Dragoon Farm to learn to ride as Cavalry.

She tells ABC News 4 the two stolen horses were purchased from D.P. Lowther's Double-L farm in Ridgeland back in 2012. 

She posted on Facebook that during the storm on April 23, the power and locks were cut from their enclosure and they were taken though the power line access gate.

"They both have stars and River has a white left rear pastern and her mane falls to the left," she said. "Yago has some roaning on his flanks and he has a double mane."

Marsh Tacky horses are an extremely rare breed of Colonial Spanish Horse found only in South Carolina. It's one of the most endangered horse breeds in the world and was named the South Carolina State Heritage Horse in 2010.

The theft is being investigated by the Kershaw County Sheriff's Office. A reward is offered for their safe return.

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Related to Report: NR005217

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