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We wanted to provide everyone with an update on Twister's disappearance and recovery.
Twister was stolen nearly 7 months ago. His information was posted everywhere both on the internet, Facebook pages/groups, Twitter, Northwest Horse Source, etc.... Thanks to one person who saw the one ad on Craigslist, Twister was found and recovered. During the recovery, it was revealed that the individuals responsible were individuals that Jonelle knew and trusted. She also learned that her other horse, Smokey, was supposed to have been taken at the same time but would not load on the trailer.
Jonelle West-Gothard has provided us with an overview of the circumstances surrounding Twister's disappearance 7 months ago. The rest of the story:

"Omg where do I start... it's been a hellish 7 months, but Twister is back where he belongs!!! Due to legality's, I won't name the 3 individuals involved but the sad thing is 2 of them were people I trusted!! It turns out that the 2 got the 3rd involved by telling her that the horses had been abandoned (that I had moved to Texas & abandoned them... I went to Texas to start a new job), that they had been there for over a year (I don't think May thru November constitutes year... or am I confused??), that they couldn't find the owners (both of them had my number, one refused my calls/would never return my calls, the other person I contacted & talked to on more than a few occasions), said the horses had been neglected & starved, & told her she could have them...
Key word here is THEM!!! THEY GAVE MY HORSES AWAY!!!!

Thankfully Smokey refused to load in the trailer so she left him behind, but she took Twister. She told me she didn't want Smokey anyway cuz he was proud cut (she obviously doesn't recognize a dominant gelding) & she didn't like him, & that she would have taken him straight to auction. Otherwise BOTH my horses would have been gone!!! Thank God, Smokey hates 2 horse straight load trailers or I'd probably never recovered him!!!
The sad thing is that just a few weeks ago, I talked to one of those guys & he bald-faced, blatantly lied to me!!! I was totally lied to & deceived by someone I trusted!!!! I have never been so enraged in my entire life!!! And apparently this isn't the first time those 3 have done this.... she admitted they have called her a few times & have given her animals!!!

She said that she's spent the past several months training Twister, has pumped him full of high performance feed, had his teeth floated, feet trimmed, coggins, wormed, & shots updated. She told me that she charges $600/month to train.

She also stated that she didn't want him, that she was getting ready to send him to an auction next week!! Thank God, I recovered him when I did & thank God she didn't know his breeding!!! Twister is Peptoboonsmal bred!!!

Twister spent 3 months with a trainer when I had him in Texas a year & a half ago. He was already saddle broke, been roped off of, loping patterns, etc.... so he wasn't unbroke, just green broke.... nothing wrong with that, he's just my sweet horse!! I'm thankful for everyone who stood by me thru this nighrmare, thank you to all the awesome people at Netposse, thank you to those of you who shared Twister's posts & videos, thank you to those who never let me give up, & thank God for answering my prayers!!!

I will be posting updates about how Twister is getting along, tons of pics will be added weekly, & praying every day for miracles that God blessed me with.....

I pray that no one ever has to endure what I've gone thru & to those of you who still have horses missing, you will be in my prayers & we will never give up hope!!!!

There is one person I almost forgot to thank, my darling husband, Thomas Gothard, for putting up with me thru all this... the endless nights crying, the depression, the sadness, the heartaches, the loss & stress, & all the other insanity I put you thru. Thank you, baby, for standing by my side, believing in me... in us, & for never letting me give up hope. I love you, Thomas!!!

God bless!!!"

To read more about Twister's case, please click here on his report link: 

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Related to Report: NR005118

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