Little horse stolen from little farm in Monroe

Posted at Wednesday, April 19, 2017 in General

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MONROE - An Orange County woman says she has a little problem with whoever stole her miniature horse.

"I just want him returned," says Dolores Romano, of Monroe. "I wouldn't press any charges or anything. I just want him back."

Romano has taken care of two miniature horses at a small farm on Candle Road for 22 years.

But earlier this week, her horse Butchie disappeared from his pen. She says someone likely opened the gate and led him out. The fence is still intact, and she says that an aging, 4-foot-tall horse could not have jumped over it.

She has since installed a padlock.

"These are my companions," Romano says. "I live and work for my animals. They are everything for me."

She says the Orange County Sheriff's Office is investigating Butchie's disappearance, but in the meantime, she's worried he was stolen for resale, breeding or slaughter.

"I want my horse back safe," she says. "I don't want no harm done to him."

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Resource: News 12 Hudson Valley, April 14, 2017 

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Related to Report: NR005212

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