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Posted at Saturday, March 11, 2017 in General

We can always use good used hardware-screens, printers, perpherals, and the like. Those can be hooked up to just about anything and used. Love those. As long as they work, we want them. 

But the PC's, laptops, and tablets-ah, now there is a 'bit of a sticky wicket' as our friends in the UK would say. Let me tell you some things to consider before you make that decision to pack it up and slap our address on it. girl computer desk.png

  • About 90% of the raw materials were already used up in the manufacturing process. So you aren't really gaining all that much in the recycling-but you do save something. 
  • Determine if that hardware CAN be used or refurbished. Some can, but some can't. Our hardware that was invaded in December could be reused-but only if totally and completely 'santized' by wiping every bit of memory from the hard drives. The Trojan attack was that bad. Some things can't be undone. Find out. 
  • Consider donating to a company that we know is a good refurbisher. Reputable refurbishers will make them practically brand new-some will even put warranties on the equipment as being at factory specifications. 
  • If your hardware is older than five years, it is probably too old to be refurbished. You'll have to recycle it. But be careful where you send it. The landfill is not the place for any of this stuff. Microsoft Registered Refurbishers will show you where to send this stuff and will take most Mac equipment. 
  • For responsible destruction, visit:
    • Earth 911
    • Dell-Goodwill Reconnect Program
  • For recylers, try this: EPA's page on recyclers
  • DO contact them prior to sending them your hardware. They may have certain requirements or restrictions. 
  • If you are sending to a refurbisher, send EVERYTHING. The cords, any set up disks, all program disks in their packaging, manuals, mouse, keyboard--everything.  Just clean off the desk and send it all. Look in the drawers and see what you might have forgotten about. Think of it as spring cleaning-it's refreshing. Go for it!
  • If you are going to wipe the hard drive yourself, use the correct software. 
  • Keep a list of your donation(s) for your records (and send a copy to whoever you are donating the equipment to-they'll need it for valuation purposes.)

Additional info and links can be found here

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Posted by Ellen Wright

Director of Administrative Services

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