Mover's and Shakers of the Horse World Interview with Debi Metcalfe,

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Debi Metcalfe of Stolen Horse International discusses the equine community's only non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to horse theft, education, and recovery assistance for stolen, missing, and found horses and equipment.

You can watch the video interview with Randi
Thompson below. Here is more information about Debi Metcalfe and her work with Stolen Horse International, also know as NetPosse.

About Debi:  

Debi's Partial Resume

Debi's stolen horse story, A Miracle of Idaho

 Movers and Shakers of the Horse World Presents: Debi Metcalfe of Stolen Horse International Interview

Available on Youtube: 

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Posted by Debi Metcalfe

Founder of SHI

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