Homecoming Celebration for PlayDoh

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Stolen Horse International invies you to join our homecoming celebration for PlayDoh. 

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On May 27, 2016, PlayDoh went missing when he was spooked after a fall on a trail near Maryland Patapsco State Park. PlayDoh was full tacked. His owner, Susan Crawford, immediately started searching for her beloved horse. She contacted Stolen Horse International aka NetPosse.com and asked for help in finding him.

 Volunteers from all over the area searched day after day both mounted and on the ground to help find PlayDoh. Those volunteers included friends, family, law enforcement, fellow horse lovers and hikers. NetPosse.com was proud to be able to have boots on the ground there through one of our other victims, Jeff Dwyer, who is also searching for his own horses. Jeff searched daily for PlayDoh, spent many hours on horseback searching as well as kept Stolen Horse International updated on the search. 

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PlayDoh is pictured here with the hikers that found
him.  Many thanks to David Sugar,
Vlad Konstantinov & Emily Perryman!

On June 8, 2016, Susan Crawford posted on her Facebook page "Amazing news. Some hikers called and they found Play Doh. We have just picked him up and taking him back to the camp. A vet is meeting us. He has a deep cut and tack rubs and looks a mess. I will post more info later tonight".

Jeff Dwyer immediately contacted Pam Miller, one of NetPosse's Core Volunteer, to inform us that they had

Additional updates from "Where is PlayDoh?" Facebook page revealed that PlayDoh was not stuck long in the brush because he wasn't dehydrated. He had a cut about 5" long and 1.5 inches deep which was determined to be too old to stitch, but was draining. He was also a little stiff. PlayDoh spent the night in a corral at LOMH and would be transported the next day to Ebb Tide Stables.PlayDoh on the trailer. He had been found by hikers who had seen his flyer at Woodstock Inn. He was found just 3 miles away from where he ran off still with all of his tack on, including his reins. While PlayDoh did have some cuts and cuts and scrapes, he did not have any life 

Once the vet was able to make sure PlayDoh would be safe to travel, Susan & Jeff took him back to Ebb Tide Stables until he was cleared by the vet to travel back to Pennsylvania. We can't be more tickled that Jeff went over and beyond to help during this time.threatening injuries. A vet was on the way out to see him that moment to check out one of the deeper lacerations that he had from the tack. Jeff informed Pam that PlayDoh was very happy to see his momma, Susan A Crawford. Jeff went on to say that not only was he happy to see his momma but he was even happy to see the horse trailer and civilization!

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PlayDoh pictured here with his owner, Susan
Crawford & Jeff Dwyer at Ebb Tide Stables LLC

The time that PlayDoh was missing, was a very stressful and extremely busy ordeal for Susan as well as the many volunteers both mounted and on the ground. Social media provided endless great ideas of what to do to include but not limited to: helicopters, drones, dogs, riders, organized grid searches, huge area of distributed flyers and ground walkers. Email alerts were sent out Nationwide by Stolen Horse International aka NetPosse.com. News media was contacted and multiple stories were run in an effort to find this very special horse.

PlayDoh is doing well. He is happy to be home with his family and his family is even more happy to have him home! The most recent update from Susan Crawford on June 11, 2016: "Playdoh is home! He is under vet care for his wound and confined to a smaller paddock with one of his pasture mates for the next couple of days."On Friday June 10, 2016, PlayDoh was loaded into a trailer and traveled back to his home in Pennsylvania. A horse that has become a celebrity of sorts was greeted by his family and friends with his own "Welcome Home Party"!

Susan continued to say, "I can't begin to thank all the people that helped in bringing him home. I know that he is home because of all the people who were hoping, praying and sending positive thoughts his way.

To everyone who send well- wishes, posted flyers, hiked, biked or rode the trails, flew their drones or helicopters over the park, wrote articles and sent email blasts, went door-to-door or shared the emails, we would not have the happy ending without you.

And, of course to the three hikers who took the time to rescue a lost horse, Dave, Emily and Vlad, I am so grateful.

Finally, I would like to say that recently there has been so much negativity in the news that you begin to wonder if we can ever come together. But, when you see a diverse group of people come together concerned about and, willing to do whatever they can to find, one independent little Paso Fino horse it makes you realize we are a caring community.

It makes me feel a lot more positive and I will cherish this memory."


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And what would a
"Welcome Home Party"
be without a bunch
of carrots just for PlayDoh!

It is stories like PlayDoh's that keep us doing what we do. WE CAN'T SAY ENOUGH ABOUT HAPPY ENDINGS HERE at Stolen Horse International, Inc. aka NetPosse.com! We all cried happy tears of joy for Susan Crawford and her horse, Play Doh, the night he was found! For more information on Play Doh's case, please follow this link: http://www.netposse.com/view_report.asp?reportid=4930.

And as always: "Never underestimate the power of one!” ~ Debi Metcalfe, Founder Stolen Horse International aka NetPosse.com

Written By: Pamela Miller, CORE Volunteer & SC State Case Manager

A special thank you to Konny Troupe for providing pictures of PlayDoh's HomeComing, Jeff Dwyer for keeping me informed on PlayDoh's search and rescue and for taking care of him until he was able to travel back to his home. Additional photo credits to Susan Crawford, Kimberly Lee & Jeff Dwyer. I hope I have not forgotten anyone!








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Related to Report: NR004930

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