Daniel Paull, the man behind the NetPosse.com site

Posted at Thursday, February 17, 2011 in General

His name is Daniel Paull from Regal Computer Services.  He has programmed and worked on computers for almost 20 years.  His formal computer education was obtained in West Kent College in Tonbridge, England.Daniel and His

He moved to the United States 7 years ago.  He has put his talents to work in a variety of ways ranging from the development of online computer games, website development and has even become the IT person for the town in which he lives.

Since his only experience with horses was riding them when he was younger, he has had a huge learning curve to apply his talents to the equine world.  He has worked many hours to make the site that is both what is needed by Net Posse, but user friendly as well.

When Daniel isn't busy programming and working on computers for the local community, he loves to go on walks.  As Debi Metcalfe has personally obvserved, he has quite the healthy appetite as well.

"It has been a challenge to work on this website, but I hope that everyone including Debi reaps the rewards,"  said Daniel.

You can find out more about Daniel and the services he offers at his website: http://www.regalcomputerservices.com/


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Posted by Debi Metcalfe

Founder of SHI


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