Pay It Forward - How NetPosse Spends Your Money

Posted at Tuesday, January 13, 2015 in General

Pay It Forward - NetPosse's Reward and Donation Programs
A word from NetPosse's Founder, Debi Metcalfe
Throughout the year, many people in the horse community feel as though we bombard them with fundraisers via Social Media, Emails, and other means.

I know some of you do not like that we do this and may wonder why we even need to raise money. Afterall, we are just a Facebook page with a few people posting, right?
Wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. I put this video together (below) to show you some of the highlights of what we do and where your donated dollars are spent. I know it is long, but so are the hours and efforts put in by me and all of the volunteers. I promise it is worth a few minutes of your time.

Everything that comes is spent on things related to victim's services and educational outreach programs, but there is also the expense of overhead. While this is a nonprofit, there are bills just like any business has in order to maintain operations.

We hope that you will take just a few minutes out of your day to watch this video, to see the faces you help us assist, the programs you help us present, the outreach to the public you help us give.

It is true. We can't do what we do without you. 

The music is Everything I Do, by Brian Adams. I leave you with some of the lyrics, slightly paraphrased to fit our mission to bring horses home safe.


Look into their eyes - you will see
What they mean to me.
Search your heart, search your soul
And when we find one we will search for more.

For more on "How We Spend Your Money," Click Here.


Debi Metcalfe
President and Founder
Stolen Horse International Inc.

PS: If after watching the video you understand just how much we do, we'd love to have your support. You can now look to the left column and find a way to support us with a donation or by volunteering your services.  Thank you. 

Purchase your microchips from Stolen Horse International and help us continue to help missing horse victims with your purchase. We do not use companies that sell the 900 numbered microchips. All proceeds support our Victim's Service and Educational Outreach projects.

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Posted by Debi Metcalfe

Founder of SHI

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