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debiIdaho.jpgMarch 15, 2014 - Debi Metcalfe talks about why she started Stolen Horse International and what to do and not do in the event your equine partner goes missing.

Audrey O'Brien Griffen is a Hall of Famer with an amazing story of leaving home as a teenager to perform Roman Riding with legends like Casey Tibbs and still ropes and rides today. Ann Lindberg shares a tip. Listen in...

Click here to listen to Horsemanship Radio, Episode 12

Horsemanship Radio Episode 12 by Index Fund Advisors - Show Notes and Links:

Show Host: Debbie Loucks
Credit: Audrey Griffin performing with the Flying Valkyries
debbieloucksRadio.jpgGuest: Debi Metcalfe from Stolen Horse International,


Debbie Roberts-Loucks joined with her parents, Monty and Pat Roberts, in 2002 to build Monty Roberts’ international training schedule and oversee their publishing, product development and licensing.

Debbie’s life-long work with horses, is credited with launching the first of its kind Equus Online University; an interactive online lesson site that is already being considered the most effective educational tool for horsemen on the web.


Purchase your microchips from Stolen Horse International and help us continue to help missing horse victims with your purchase. We do not use companies that sell the 900 numbered microchips. All proceeds support our Victim's Service and Educational Outreach projects.

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Posted by Debi Metcalfe

Founder of SHI

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