Autographed Framed Lynn Bean Limited Edition Giclee Print

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#2117 - Autographed Framed Lynn Bean Limited Edition Giclee Print

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Precious Cowgirl Framed Print - Autographed by artist Lynn Bean, Trail of Painted Ponies artist

11x14 Embellished Limited Edition Giclee Print of a young cowgirl and her stick horse. Precious!!!

Detailed with 3D concho accents, this print is a must have!! Yes, those are real conchos! This bright and beautiful. The frame is a heavy duty frame and well done.  The matting is first class.

This picture does not do this framed print justice.  It is fine art and wroth the value of $150.

"This is one of my favorite prints by Lynn. I love the bright colors, the 3-D additions and just how it makes me think of my own daugher when she was young. If you have a little cowgirl in your house you must have this print!" - Debi Metcalfe, Stolen Horse International founder

Further Information

Artist Lynn Bean raised in Battle Creek Michigan, found an early inspiration of capturing the rare moments of wild birds and animals through inspirational work. 

Her paintings and drawings are now featured in national exhibits, galleries, gift shops, and well known periodicals such as horses in art magazine. 

Visit her gallery online to see more of Lynn's beautiful artwork.